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No Wings, No Horns (No Problem) - Title Art :iconkrazy3:krazy3 14 4 What It Must Be Like - Title Art :iconkrazy3:krazy3 7 2 ''I Know I'll Make It Through'' Title Art :iconkrazy3:krazy3 5 1 Magic Duel - Pony Concerto No. 2 - YourEnigma :iconkrazy3:krazy3 7 1 Been Dreamin' (You'll See Me) - Text Free :iconkrazy3:krazy3 24 3 Been Dreamin' (You'll See Me) - Title Art :iconkrazy3:krazy3 12 7
Hearth's Warmin' Eve - Ch. 2 - ''Promises''
       Rainbow Dash stretched her wings and silently yawned. It was entirely too early to be awake, a fact made clear to her by the lack of sunlight and the dying crackles of the fire. Still, in the absence of the fire, a welcoming warmth encompassed her, and as she patted around in the darkness, she found herself draped in a thick blanket, which she tightened around herself, resting her head on something soft and warm. Mmm, Applejack, she thought, as her mind started to drift off into a deep slumber once more.
   Her attempted return to sleep was short lived, however, as her face was immediately pelted repeatedly with a thin, furry object. Grasping consciousness again, Rainbow noticed that her pillow was not Applejack, but rather Winona, whose tail was the offending object. Shortly after this realization, a slobbery tongue covered every inch of Rainbow's face, leaving thick trails of drool dribbling down onto the floor.
:iconkrazy3:krazy3 31 9
   A crash sounded out over Sweet Apple Acres—an increasingly common occurrence, and one that Applejack knew all too well by now. Heaving a sigh, she stopped bucking her trees and trotted over to the side of her barn to find her pegasus sitting on the ground, rubbing her head. "Dash, when'll ya learn that the side of the barn isn't a cloud?"
   Rainbow Dash cradled her head in her hooves and waited for the pain to subside. "Well... I—Applejack?"
   Applejack picked Rainbow up off the ground and helped her steady herself. "Yeah?"
   "I... I can't see very well," whispered Rainbow.
   "Ya can't... see?"
   At this point, Rainbow Dash leaned her full weight against Applejack and pressed her face into the earth pony's shoulder. "I can, just... everything's fuzzy."
   "Oh, sugarcube..."
   Rainbow kicked the ground. "Why do you think I'm not a Wonderbolt yet? And why do you think I crash so much? I'm w
:iconkrazy3:krazy3 10 6
Synthesia - Title Art :iconkrazy3:krazy3 3 3 NATG I: Day Four - Eating Some Apples :iconkrazy3:krazy3 38 9 Tricksy Rarity - NATG I and II - Day 3 :iconkrazy3:krazy3 96 8 NATG I and II: Day Two :iconkrazy3:krazy3 2 0 Some Pony Sketches -- Late Start of both NATGs :iconkrazy3:krazy3 3 4
Hearth's Warmin' Eve - Ch. 1 - ''Heart Warming''
   Three knocks.
   Applejack looked up from her mug of cider toward the door. Who could that be? I ain't expectin' anypony but my family—and they don't need to knock. She waited for another knock, yet none came. Maybe I'm just hearin' things, she thought. It was awfully hot in the room and after a long day of clearing snow from the roads, she had started to doze off, letting the warmth soothe her aching muscles.
   She flicked her ears and continued waiting. Another moment passed, and satisfied that her mind was playing tricks on her, she rested her head on her hooves and emptied her mind once more, letting the warmth take her back to her relaxation.
   Three knocks.
   There it is again. I guess somepony really is at the door. Applejack blinked the sleep out of her eyes and trudged over to the door, yawning. Who could be out here on Hearth's Warmin' Eve? She pulled the door open and her eyes fell upon Rainbow Dash. For barely a
:iconkrazy3:krazy3 56 15
Past Imperfect - Ch. 1 - ''The Letter - Part I''
My Rainbow Dash,
    I've been trying to think of something I could do for you that you'd find special. We've been married for a few weeks now, so think of this as a late wedding gift. Well, by the time we're reading this, it'll be a very late wedding gift. I know the brides aren't supposed to give each other gifts, but after that proposal, I thought I'd give you something in return. I know I don't have to do it, but it seemed fitting.
    So I'm writing you this letter. It was Twilight's idea. She said that I could write you a letter and we should open it in fifty years and read it together to see just how much we'd changed between then and now. Fifty years seems like an awful long time, doesn't it? I hope I remember where I put this when that time comes around.
    Anyway, I've been thinking about what I'd write to you about and I must admit, it's a hard thing to do. I'm really not good at this whole writing thing. I guess I
:iconkrazy3:krazy3 16 10
A Solemn Summer Night - Chapter 2 - ''Twenty-Six''
    "Rainbow Dash! Applejack!"
    Rainbow Dash woke with a start to the unwelcome voice, clenching her teeth and covering her ears.
    Go away.
    Rainbow tightened her grip around Applejack, pressing her head against Applejack's neck. It was of no use.
    "Rainbow!" came the offending voice once more.
    Rainbow lifted her head and scanned the area for the source of her irritation.
    Ah. Twilight.
    She didn't bother to respond, simply laying he
:iconkrazy3:krazy3 15 25

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